Sunday, August 14, 2005

Free Promotional CD....

We did this cd to take out to Brussels and give out to the people, so I may as well make it available to you guys as well....

Logan Sama with Jammer, Skepta, Big H, President T & Kraze

Look out for some video footage, photos and perhaps a live recording of the rave in the near future on this site

Big up Xavier.

check out the site

Here's the tracklisting:

Miss Beats - Saw It Comin
DaVinChe - Phaze
Jammer - Shangooly
Wizzbit - Midnite (Remix)
Footsie - (Scars Remix)
Footsie - (Scars Remix 2)
Wafa - Grime Riddim (Gunman 2)
Ruff Sqwad - Move 2 Dis (Remix)
Jon E Cash - Cash Riddim (Hoods Up)
Rapid - Xtra
Ripperman - Rubble
Lowdeep - So Right Now (Remix)
Rossi B & Luca - Run 4 Cover
Wiley - Unknown
Skepta - Missing
Mike Jones - Still Tippin (Instrumental)
Frett - Runnin'
Mr Slash - Concerto
Dexplicit - Change Formation (Hench 2)
Youngdot - Bazooka Riddim
Dexplicit - Blazer
Dexplicit - Tiger Style (Change Formation 2)
Wiley - Avenger
Terror Danger - Radar
Skepta - Stupid (Instrumental)
Danny Weed - Dead Dat (Instrumental)
Danny Weed - Unknown
Wiley - Murkle Man (Instrumental)
Skepta - Unknown
DaVinChe - MegaDrive
J Sweet - Marksman
Wiley - Unknown
Skepta - The Real Me

2 more links for those of you with IP problems


Blogger rob them co said...

so ripperman's ur boy right? sounds a lil like dizzee's 'strings' but good tune still

5:20 PM  
Blogger WOEBOT said...


9:08 PM  
Blogger Vernon Sokolof said...

Ah. Lis gâteaux.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Your Friend :) said...

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2:44 AM  

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