Sunday, October 23, 2005

Forthcoming Guests on Kiss 100

Subject to confirmation here is a list of planned guests on my show for the next few weeks:

28/10 Trim and Scratchy of Roll Deep will be coming up on the show to talk about their "Trim n Scratch" project. The first track from which has finally made the shops. Having been working for the last few months together in the studios they will be showing off some new material and talking about future plans.

4/11 MC Narstie of N Double A is going to be dropping his mix cd "I'm Better Than You" very soon. Hear extracts from the cd on the show as well as an interview where you can find out what else Narstie has been working on.

11/11 True Tiger Recordings and guest MCs. With the Eye Of The Tiger mix CD ready to belaunched, Stanza and the True Tiger camp will be coming down to talk about this ambitious project. Featuring over 20 of the biggest names in the scene on one CD, Eye Of The Tiger is a much anticipated release.

18/11 Black Ops & Jon E Cash. Having been involved in the underground music scene for well over 10 years, Jon E Cash provides a valuable insight into not only the creative side of our music, but also the business side. With a forthcoming Black Ops album of vocal tracks, expect to hear him showcase some more club orientated sublow bangers on the show.

Also you will be able to catch DaVinChe and Robert Rose, of Paperchase Records, talking about the Dirty Canvas CD album. The date of this interview is still to be scheduled, so stay watching the blog for an update!

Any ideas for future guests or interviews? Please email in to


Blogger DJL said...

Looking forward to the Black Ops show

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